What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing – What do we actually know about it?

Is it just shooting product promotion mailers in bulk or just mailing to maintain a particular mailing list and updating time to time.

Email Marketing has been one of the crucial part of being in touch with your customers with up to date on the company’s services and news.

We know mailing a personalized message to your loyal customers is an added advantage that will help the customers know that they are valued.

The world of email marketing services is huge and therefore it is must to know that when and how the email content should go. Mailing an e mailer to the mailing list is a sound process.

There are some challenges that has to be faced with bulk marketing:

According to Wikipedia, Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Greatest challenges that needs to be met during the flow of email marketing is to maintain a good email content and being able to send it across to the mailing list that are indeed a valued customer.

There are types of email marketing which makes it one of the interesting factor that helps grow customer loyalty and updates on the present affairs of the services or products of the company and which helps people feel that they are in need of their faith and trust.

  1. Legit email marketing
  2. Ilegit email marketing

Legit email marketing – There has been a legit mailing marketing program which has been in use for a longer period of time. This process involves sending a good content mailing list to a group of Individuals who have agreed to the point of sharing email ids and allowing various mails from the company to come into their mailbox from time to time and being able to get updates of the company and get newsletters that is an added advantage.

ILegit Marketing:  This kind of Mailing list is generally bought in the form of bulk purchase and e-mailers are sent at once to a number which can exceed from thousand to over a lakh. But this might just lead to mails reaching the spam folder. When such kind of mails are send across and they do not land up in your inbox, then the interest of even opening its losses. Ilegit marketing is surely a way to land into the mailing list. There has been usage of Ilegit email marketing company over the years but since subscribers of the mailing id do not check there spam folders for a trusted mail the popularity has gone down.

So how do we choose a mailing type that will suit the audience and will also increase the continuation of new subscribers.


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