Digital Marketing Facts

Written by Amit Pandey  July 5, 2017


Digital marketing is just like a marketing umbrella for a business. It fulfils all online marketing presence for any kind of business. Digital channels such as Google SERP, social media etc. help to connect with current and prospective customers.

The base of Marketing for a business is, connecting with new or old audiences in the right place and at the right time and any form of marketing that exists online is simply known as Digital Marketing. That means that you need to meet them where they are already engaged on the internet.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a big bundle of tactics. So many assets that fall under this umbrella. Digital marketers should have a clear picture of each asset or tactic to achieving the specific goal.

There is a strong bonding between assets and tactics. The most commonly used assets of online marketing are blogs, EBooks, Infographics, Social Media Channels, Online coverage, Logos, Fonts, Contents etc. for a website. While the most trending tactics of online marketing for a website are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process of optimizing a website or a URL to get higher rank in search engine results pages, which increase the volume of organic (or free) traffic in respect to a website or a URL.

Content Marketing

The creation of excellent, fresh, unique and subjective content is very important. Content having purpose of exploring brand awareness and lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Promotion of your content through social media channels is a very helpful tactic to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for a business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a process of driving traffic to a website by paying to publisher on click basis for an ad.  Google AdWords is a one of the most common types of PPC.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is in trend these days. This is a type of performance-based advertising where one person receives commission for promoting someone else’s products or services on his/her website.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows marketers to see exact results in real time of a marketing activity.

A marketer put an advert in multiple media channels and watch how many people actually interacted to that page. There’s sure fire way to know that ad was responsible or not and according to that marketer can change that tactic to the next.

With digital marketing, anyone can measure the ROI of any aspect of online marketing efforts like,

 Website Traffic

Content Performance

Lead Generation

Brand Awareness

Audience Consideration

Audience Decisions and Testimonials etc.


EMAIL MARKETING- Does It Really Help In Your Business Growth

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing – What do we actually know about it?

Is it just shooting product promotion mailers in bulk or just mailing to maintain a particular mailing list and updating time to time.

Email Marketing has been one of the crucial part of being in touch with your customers with up to date on the company’s services and news.

We know mailing a personalized message to your loyal customers is an added advantage that will help the customers know that they are valued.

The world of email marketing services is huge and therefore it is must to know that when and how the email content should go. Mailing an e mailer to the mailing list is a sound process.

There are some challenges that has to be faced with bulk marketing:

According to Wikipedia, Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Greatest challenges that needs to be met during the flow of email marketing is to maintain a good email content and being able to send it across to the mailing list that are indeed a valued customer.

There are types of email marketing which makes it one of the interesting factor that helps grow customer loyalty and updates on the present affairs of the services or products of the company and which helps people feel that they are in need of their faith and trust.

  1. Legit email marketing
  2. Ilegit email marketing

Legit email marketing – There has been a legit mailing marketing program which has been in use for a longer period of time. This process involves sending a good content mailing list to a group of Individuals who have agreed to the point of sharing email ids and allowing various mails from the company to come into their mailbox from time to time and being able to get updates of the company and get newsletters that is an added advantage.

ILegit Marketing:  This kind of Mailing list is generally bought in the form of bulk purchase and e-mailers are sent at once to a number which can exceed from thousand to over a lakh. But this might just lead to mails reaching the spam folder. When such kind of mails are send across and they do not land up in your inbox, then the interest of even opening its losses. Ilegit marketing is surely a way to land into the mailing list. There has been usage of Ilegit email marketing company over the years but since subscribers of the mailing id do not check there spam folders for a trusted mail the popularity has gone down.

So how do we choose a mailing type that will suit the audience and will also increase the continuation of new subscribers.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing has a pivotal role to play in the field of digital marketing and it is one of the leading. Here are some ways in which social media optimization will help your brand grow instantly.

  1. Boost Online visibility: when someone shares a piece of your work it automatically helps you increase your online presence. When there are ample number of shares, the better chances of visibility of the post. Social media can make anyone famous to anyone infamous. Online visibility is indeed a boost to your business.
  1. Brand Awareness is increased: With social media platform gaining importance brand awareness does not cost much. The customer- owner interaction has become easy and any number of views for the brand can come from the customer’s side. Now, a business will not have to spend hefty amount on print ads while a little time spend on social media and advertisements here can have a greater ROI.
  1. The recall factor: everyone loves gossip whether it’s a low aged group or a high aged group with time passing by and lesser number of interactions are found face to face while a lot over the virtual world of internet interactions takes place. The recall factor over a product or a brand is more as there is much interactions on the social media pages which makes the brand recall factor go higher
  1. Drive Traffic to the website:  Social media can be held majorly responsible of driving traffic to the website. Increasing traffic for a particular website can become a challenge for various digital marketers. Therefore, to shut down on all the tension of getting a major traffic from various other places like blogs, a social media page of the company can make a lot of difference.
  1. Word of mouth: This form of marketing has been used by customers since old times and practically this has been widely accepted among all age groups. For example Colgate being used for generations in the family is a mere word of mouth passed on by our family members to the new member in the family.

All of the above are ways that will increase your business sales and besides no amount of sales or time can decide the fate of your business unless there is smart work done.

Grow Your Business Through Social Media Platform

   New ways in which social media will help your brand grow instantly.


  1. Brand loyalty: social media pages are liked by many followers and if they like the brand   they are surely going to share the features of the brand and the good experience with others to increase the brand loyalty. These loyal customers are active on the brand page and it is upon the company as to how it uses the page to grow the image of the brand and the customer graph.

  1. Engagement is the key: Customers will only be active if there are engaging activities in the brand’s social media A strong two way interaction has to be done in order to grow the number of likes or loyalty for the brand. This is a major activity that will help a the brand grow, if this exercise is done methodically then brand becomes popular.

  1. Market Survey: By the term, it means survey conducted for a particular product/service before it is launch, this takes dedicated number of days and the team to carry on the survey with data being collected over a reasonable time period. With Social media platforms market survey can be done much easily and genuine results are taken covering a vast demographic and age group.

  1. Viral marketing: this type of marketing has gained its ground as these days the more number of users use and share the information the higher the chances of the information getting viral and thus getting famous. Viral marketing hold a great factor in social media marketing. Whatever is eye catching that will definitely sell – goes the saying for example the number of offer with appealing pictures and deal will have a greater chance of getting shared by followers and further passed on which will make the offer viral and this whole process can be termed as viral marketing.

  1. Lead Generation: Social media plays a role in lead generation and quite a number of leads. Only a dedicated number of hours on social media ads and in no time you will know the difference between email marketing and social media, while the earlier requires a dedicated social media software platforms does not require so.

The Social media platform is the best possible way for your ROI which makes business work easy.

Social Media Marketing Trends for best Marketers

In social media marketing field, targeting the correct and large number of audience is rather a crucial task. If you are an expert marketer, still working on the old strategies then it is not that easy to target large and potential audience. Social Media Marketing is more flexible now with Digistorm if you are looking for the finest results then you must have to contact us immediately for deep and intense research. We have some calculated and prepared strategies to promote and enlarge your product with live methods that can also help you to check on the current trends around the globe in the field of Social Media Marketing.


Hike on Facebook Platform:

In social media marketing field, Facebook is the topmost portal where maximum no. of people are engaging. However Twitter, Linked In and many more social media platform is also used by large number of people but Facebook has a unique identity among them. Facebook contains video media and its advertisement for a new company/ products is completely different, in short you can say it is a new level marketing cause of large number of users and it is not going to change, anytime soon. However Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more others platforms are having huge client base but still Facebook stands worldwide first. Through this platform you can get best leads and profitable results which one also will improve your brand awareness apart from the results. To know your customer expectation is the prime thing and who are the targeted audience, both are most important before giving your complete dedication towards this marketing trend.


Leaning Towards Mobile Apps:

However the brands are growing smoothly through messaging and mobile apps, you also will be cheerful to know that they are inclining more towards messaging apps. Every brand is coming up with a user friendly app and people also use that frequently. If people get notified about the updates and latest trends, they feel positive and attract effectively towards the brand. For your information we can say it in short the current record states that more than 5 billion users have already registered their names with social media apps which makes social media marketing easy to target and populate our brand entire globe.

Pay Little & Get Huge on Social Platforms:

Advertisement through social media always stands first from the last few years cause of active user’s interests. And according to people’s interest, brands are coming more effective manner. As Always it is stated to grow more in coming times that will provoke advertisers to come up with some new and interesting options, around all over the world. This is assumed that social advertising can hit easily to the correct customers and new projects are expected in this year. In short, we can feel the change of people thoughts and rise in social media users is a big bowl where advertiser can get some massive results for any kind of brand.